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T elling stories is one of the most important aspects of postmodern culture. And contemporary art has challenged and expanded traditional narrative structures. The stories artists tell today, often describe the world that we live in. Artistic narrative mainly mirrors the reality –past or present, objective or subjective.
T hrough narratives, artists encourage dialogue, share ideas, address morality, reveal desire, confront angst and define identity. So mirroring the reality, contemporary narratives instigate change.
2017 edition of the “ARé” performing arts festival looks at contemporary innovations in storytelling - an interplay between the plastic and the visual in multimodal narration, the translation of stories across media and cultures.
W e look for more unorthodox means to create images whose meanings do not depend on pre-existing narratives directly quoted or alluded to. Storylines may be implied or ambiguous, prompting viewers to create or complete the story in personal terms.