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”ARé” is a performance and ” hybrid art ” fest. The hybrid art category is dedicated specifically to today's hybrid and transdisciplinary projects and new genres of artistic expression.
“ARé” establish an environment that encourages intermedia artistic practices, with emphasis placed on innovation, risk, and the cultivation of new ideas.
We nurture the cross-fertilization of ideas in a challenging and artistically rigorous environment. Artists are encouraged to experiment with different approaches to the creative process in search of outcomes that cannot be predicted in advance.
Primary emphasis is on the process of fusing different media and genres into new forms of artistic expression.
This is a platform for transformation, a festival of new work that enables all of us to re-imagine the way we exist in the world, the way we look at the world, and the way we sense and experience the world. A festival where creative ideas, adventure, debate, confrontation, discovery will be a wide open window on our world.
A ‘‘carte blanche’’ festival of boundary pushing multimedia performances.
Today's artists are free to make art with whatever material or technique they can imagine. This freedom creates new opportunities to express ideas and concepts opening up a number of challenges, choices, and decisions.